A Yoga Holiday In Morocco :

A yoga holiday in Morocco is exactly what it says on the tin. It's a holiday with yoga on it! Enjoy all the other wonderful things you expect from a holiday: a beautiful location, some sun perhaps, nice food, fun activities, good company, new friends and some time to do what YOU want. Add lots of yoga into the mix and you have a perfect Yoga Holiday. During your holiday you will have the chance to develop your yoga practice, or even give yourself an amazing head start if you are a beginner. You practice a stronger class in the morning and a more restorative class in the evening. In between, the time if yours to do as you please. We do arrange lots of things to do and can arrange more, but if you just want to take some time out, lounge around and read a book, then that's ok too. We want you to get exactly what you want, and what you need from you Holiday.

Join us for an amazing Moroccan adventure to the Desert. Enjoy the sights and the Traditional sounds of this exotic seaside destination; experience a truly colorful and exciting culture.

In the words of Jean Grenier: You don't travel in order to escape, but to find yourself. To travel, then, becomes a medium. In the vast solitude between life and death there are places, wonderful moments, when a landscape plays on our soul like a great musician who can make an ordinary instrument sound beautiful.

We are so excited to announce this Offer. A week of travelling around Morocco, taking in some of the most amazing sights of this beautiful country while doing yoga at the same time.

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